Tai Chi


Health and Wellness Class

Tai Chi, Zen Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation

Tai Chi gives a calmness of mind and body

Do you want to start living a better, healthier life? Begin Your Life Revolution Today!!!

Today, life flies past faster than ever before! If you aren’t careful, your life will become nothing more than a stress-filled existence with no time to relax. So now, more than ever, is the time to learn from the wisdom of ancient Korea and take control of your life. We can teach you to slow down your life by harnessing the energy of your mind and body, all under the guidance of a world famous HapKiDo Grandmaster and Oriental Medical Doctor. Through Tai Chi, Zen Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation we help you to create a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit for the rest of your days!

Classes Include

Tai Chi – Slow moving meditation teaches you to control your breathing and build energy with low impact movements. Improve balance, grace and poise.

Qi Gong – Ancient technique used to balance organ functions and stimulate natural healing powers.

Zen Yoga Stretching – Improve energy flow along Ki Meridians and focus your mind while increasing circulation.

Meditation – Learning to calm your mind helps you relax, reduce stress and become a more compassionate person.

The Benefits

Healthy Body

Improve Strength & Flexibility, Manage Weight, Relieve Pain, Sleep Better, Stimulate the Immune System, Healthy Family Exercise, and Develop Physical Power.

Healthy Mind

Find emotional serenity, Release Stress, Become Centered & Balanced, Reverse depression & anxiety, Improve focus & concentration.

Healthy Spirit

• Awaken Spiritual Energy
• Increase self-awareness & self-acceptance
• Foster inner joy & happiness
• Enhance personal relationships
• Discover inner peace