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Following is an outline of the incredible and privileged teachings Grandmaster JiMong Choe has shared with his students and Black Belt students during the Grandmaster Choe Seminars over the years.

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Picture of Maurice Murphy HapKiDo Sparring Seminar
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  1. Seminar March 23, 1996
    1. The Universe~Big Universe/Small Universe
    2. Ki – Vital Energy~Chung Ki vs. Pathogenic Factors~Sa Ki
    3. Secrets of Longevity~Living in harmony with the seasons.
  2. Seminar February 15-17, 1997
    1. Developing Ki Power
      1. Qi Gong~8 qi gong breathing exercises for production, circulation and cultivation of Ki Power.
      2. Secret Breathing Techniques to develop Martial Ki Power.
      3. Chung Mu exercises for explosive Ki Power.
    2. Lecture on Ki and Ki Power
      1. Ki explanation~The nature of Ki. Ki and its relationship to the Tao. Um/Yang and Ki. Ki Power and Martial techniques.
      2. Top 10 Ki Foods including comfrey, adalai and insam.
      3. Pal Dan Gum Bup~The Eight Step Silk Method of Longevity
      4. 5 Steps to develop your “Super Power”
    3. Kyo Sal Soo and Go Jung Sul~Freestyle and finishing techniques, including chokes, arm bars, leg locks, and take downs
    4. Whip Chain
    5. Bottle Breaking
    6. Championship Sparring
  3. Seminar March 6-8, 1998
    1. Qi Gong and Young Chun Ki Development~Qi Gong and the Meridians, Young Chun Activation and development
    2. Tai Chi
      1. Body Pushing
      2. Body Pushing#2
      3. Stroking
      4. Squeezing
      5. Forward Pressing
      6. Punch
      7. Sweeping Strike
      8. Brushing
      9. Pushing
      10. Departing
      11. Holding
      12. Clouding
      13. Upward Tilting
      14. Holding Back
      15. Thrusting
    3. Long Bar~Jang Bong
    4. Lecture on the Meaning of Martial Arts and Completion Of Self-Culture.
    5. Fighting Eagles’ Sparring
  4. Seminar July 4, 1998
    1. Lecture on Martial Arts Etiquette and Respect
    2. Grandmaster’s Miracle Acupressure~How to Heal the entire body by manipulating the ear.
    3. Introduction to the Speed Bag~Begining techniques
    4. Employee Management~The value and cultivation of friendship
  5. Seminar March 5-7, 1999
    1. Ho Shin Sool~Continuous Self Defense
    2. Kwon Bop~Traditional Fist Techniques (Taught in America for the first time)
    3. Advanced Whip Chain
    4. Three Sectional Staff
      1. Sam Jil Bong vs. Spear
    5. Freestyle Finishing Techniques
    6. Championship Sparring
  6. Seminar July 4, 1999
    1. Boxing and Focus Mitt training
    2. Speed Bag Training~Intermediate Level
    3. Korean Cooking with Grandmaster and Mrs. Choe~Yook Ge Jang and Pa Jun
    4. Sales Techniques~Phone etiquette and technique, how to schedule appointments
  7. Seminar March 5-6, 2000
    1. Better Life for Black Belts~Conversation, direction and tone; Respect and Disrespect; Gifts, lying
    2. Fortune for the Year 2000~Best body shape, Um/Yang, Where to Live
    3. The Dragon, origin, history and explanation
    4. The Five Elements~Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water
    5. Chung Mu Self Defense
    6. Broadsword~Stances, major Techniques and combinations
      1. Whip Chain review and expansion
      2. Broadsword vs. Three Sectional Staff
    7. Fighting Eagles Sparring
    8. Kyung Hul~Meridian accupressure, Beak Hoe, Nea Kong and Young Chun and their benefits
  8. Seminar March 10-11, 2001
    1. The Year of the Snake~Snake symbolism and Dream meaning, Snake facts and history
    2. Joo Yuk~The Book of Changes
      1. I Ching/The Book of Changes~Origins and philosophy
    3. Ki and Oriental Medical Science~Realizing the future today!
    4. The 8 Trigrams~their relationship and origin relating to Um/Yang
    5. Um/Yang~origins and philosophy
    6. The Five Elements~The Helping and Controlling cycles
    7. The Three Major Factors in Developing Ki Power~Jo Sin, Jo Sik, Jo Sim
    8. Classification and Production of Ki~including: Yuan Qi, Zong Qi, Yung Qi, Wei Qi
    9. Functions of Qi~Promoting, Warming, Defensive, Checking, Qui Wha, Nourishing
    10. Ho Sin Sool
    11. Kwan Do and Pu Dao
    12. Fighting Eagles Sparring
    13. Acupressure~General and specific techniques to fix and heal problems ranging from headaches to Cerebral Anemia
  9. Seminar June 3, 2001
    1. Black Belt Written Exam and Education
    2. Philosophy~Yang Gum Tack Mok and Dang Lang Guha Chul
    3. Black Belt Ho Sin Sool including Cane Techniques
    4. Advanced Speed Bag techniques and training methods
    5. Marketing~Conveying the true value of Hap Ki Do and it benefits
  10. Seminar December 7, 2002
    1. Joo Yuk
      1. Um/Yang and Five-Element Review
      2. The Five elements and their properties
      3. Empty Mind and Truth
    2. The Real Cause of Cancer
    3. Vitamins and Western Pharmaceuticals
    4. Finishing techniques and Ho Sin Sool
    5. The Straight Sword (Dragon Sword)
  11.  Seminar December 6, 2003
    1. 2004 Joo Yuk ~Gap Sin Nyun
      1. Year of the Monkey
      2. Beginning of the next 10 year cycle
    2. 2004 – 2014 Joo Yuk ~Philosophy and Predictions
      1. Mysterious Secrets Beneath the Pine Tree
    3. Kume Kang Juh ~Vajra
      1. History, Development and Description
      2. Weapon and Wisdom
      3. Supreme Enlightenment, Power and Wisdom
      4. Grandmaster JiMong Choe, the Vajra Holder
    4. Kume Kang Ya Cha ~ Deva King
      1. Yuk Sa ~ Strength 1,000,000x the Strength of an Elephant
      2. One of the Guardians of the Buddha’s Two Gates
    5. The Logos Created by Grandmaster JiMong Choe
      1. Choe’s Moo Rym Won
        1. The Nuclear Force of Creation
        2. Triple Tae Guk
        3. The Colors of Heaven, Earth and Human
        4. The 8 Branch Rules
        5. The Ki Increasing Power from the Logo
      2. Grandmaster Choe’s Eastern Philosophy Center
        1. Supreme Enlightenment in the Center Way
        2. Yang Power Towards Heaven, Um Power Towards Earth
      3. Choe’s Miracle Acupuncture and Herb Center
        1. Heaven ~ Circle
        2. Human ~ Triangle
        3. Earth ~ Square
        4. The Eight Branch Rules
      4. Chun Boo In ~ Basic Symbol of the Universal Structure
        1. Chun Boo In Structure
          1. Chun ~ Heaven
          2. Boo ~ Earth
          3. In ~ Human
        2. The Source of the Alphabets
        3. The Source of the Numbers
        4. The Theory of Water and Fire
      5. Pal Je Ge ~ the 8 Branch Rules
        1. Do Not Kill or Bother Life
        2. Do Not Take What is Not Given to You
        3. Do Not Lie or Talk Uselessly
        4. Do Not Become Intoxicated
        5. Do Not Perform Dishonest Actions (Adultery)
        6. Once Every 15 Days Fast in the Evening
        7. Once Every 15 Days Abstain from Debauchery
        8. Once Every 15 Days Do Not Sleep on a King’s Bed
      6. SaSang Philosophy
        1. Dong Mu, Dr. Lee, Je Mah ~ Founder of Traditional Korean SaSang Medicine and Philosophy
        2. Dong Yi Soo Se Bo Won ~ Doctrine of SaSang
        3. Grandmaster JiMong Choe’s Introduction of Dr. Lee, Je Mah’s SaSang Theory into Modern Society and how to Incorporate it into Daily Life
      7. The Four Constitutional Body Characters
        1. Tae Yang In
        2. So Yang In
        3. Tae Um In
        4. So Um In
      8. Which Foods are Best Suited for Each SaSang Body Character
      9. Dragon Sword ~ Review and Expansion
  12. Seminar June 5, 2004
    1. Fighting Eagles Sparring
      1. The secret to faster more explosive kicks
      2. Sparring rhthym and timing
      3. Philosophy and sparring
      4. Sparring and life
      5. Open forum on sparring
  13. Seminar December 5, 2004
    1. Adages
      1. Sa Bul Gup Sul ~ Tongue speed is faster than a four wheeled wagon.
      2. Ou Wal Dong Joo ~ If you are in one boat, you have to row together.
      3. Yi Mok Ji Sim ~ Honesty gives wings to strength.
    2. Do In Bop ~ Specialized Qi Gong for Increasing Longevity and Improving Organ Function.
      1. Liver
      2. Constipation
      3. Low Blood Pressure
      4. Heart
      5. Kidney
      6. Stamina
      7. Overall Condition
    3. Moo Rym Won Fighting Fan
      1. Strikes
      2. Blocks
      3. Combinations
      4. Advanced Combinations
      5. Double Fan
    4. Chung Mu Combat Chain Whip
      1. Basic Attacks
      2. Basic Spins
  14. Seminar February 5, 2005
    1. The Chun Boo Kyung~1st time explained in America by Grandmaster/Sage JiMong Choe
      1. The oldest scripture in the world
      2. The Root philosophy behind
        1. Buddhism
        2. Confucianism
        3. 5 Element Theory
        4. Joo Yuk
        5. Zen
      3. History
      4. Explanation of the text
      5. Origins of the Universe in the numbers 1 through 10
      6. Functional TriangleBasic Essence
      7. The Beginning and the End
  15. Seminar August 13, 2005
    1. Advanced Chung Mu Style Kicking
      1. Leg and body positioning
        1. Speed and Power
        2. Perfect Form
      2. Telegraphing
        1. Recognizing and breaking bad habits
        2. Seeing the weaknesses in others
      3. Chung Mu flipping and demonstrations
        1. Flipping from any direction
        2. Proper execution of techniques
        3. Being a good partner
  16. Seminar December 4, 2005
    1. Dharma Hang Gong Bup
      1. Personal transmission of the Manual by Grandmaster Choe
      2. Bodhi Dharma
        1. His real name and its meaning
        2. History and background
      3. Yung Gun Kyung ~ Tendon Changing
        1. Tendon Conditions
        2. Kidney, Liver, Lung & Spleen development
      4. Hang Gong Bup
        1. Rubbing tendon and bone
        2. How to collect and take Ki Power from the sun and moon
        3. Taking Herbal Medicine
        4. Storing Medicine
        5. How to cleanse your body
        6. Yearly cycle for developing and storing Ki Power
        7. The tools used for Hang Gong Bup ~ Spear, Hammer, Suk Dak
        8. Um/Yang Harmony
        9. Yang Power
        10. Controlling desire
        11. How to wash with Herbal Medicine
        12. How to use stored Ki Power in the martial arts
        13. How to train “Ki Power Hand”
      5. Chung Mu Fighting Fan
        1. Review and enhancement of basic techniques
        2. Advanced Chung Mu Double Fan Techniques
  17. Seminar January 28, 2006
    1. Advanced Chung Mu Sparring
      1. Using combinations
      2. Attacking and counter attacking
      3. Back stepping and side stepping
      4. Timing, rhythm and creating your own chance
  18. Seminar July 1, 2006
    1. Private individual lesson with Grandmaster Choe
    2. Chung Mu Kicking ~ the Ultimate Lesson
      1. The secret to Jumping Kicks
      2. The secret to Turning Kicks
      3. The secret to Jumping & Turning Kicks
    3. Chung Mu Throwing Techniques
      1. Balance and timing
      2. Matching technique with body size
    4. Fighting Eagles Sparring
      1. Sparring distance
      2. Using fakes and feints
      3. Using your front leg
    5. Martial Arts for weight loss
      1. Training exercises
      2. Philosophical ideas
  19. Seminar December 9, 2006
    1. Chung Mu Fighting Fan
      1. Overview of Chung Mu Double Fan Techniques, basic and advanced
    2. Fighting Eagles Sparring
      1. Secrets for competing with other martial art styles
      2. Advanced side kick ~ attacks and counter-attacks
    3. Adages
      1. Gwa Juk Mool Dan Gae ~ Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.
      2. Mang In Mou Sang ~ A blind man is no judge of color.
      3. Moo Young Ji Young ~ Everything is good for something
    4. Face Reading ~ Ancient JooYuk techniques for forecasting prosperity and longevity
      1. The Brow
        1. Auspicious shapes and markings
      2. Mouth and lips
        1. Auspicious shapes and positions
      3. Bone Health and Strength
        1. Differences between men and women
        2. Western Medicines view
        3. Asian Medicines view
          1. The kidney function connection
  20. Seminar June 3, 2007
    1. Advanced PuDao: Techniques and Applications
      1. Attacking and Defending with the PuDao
      2. PuDao vs. Spear
    2. Um Yang Philosophy
      1. Origins of Um Yang Philosophy
      2. Understanding Um Yang Philosophy
      3. Um Yang Balance
      4. Um Yang Combination
    3. Miracle Body Design
      1. Using Um Yang Philosophy for health & weight loss

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