Chung Mu Philosophy



IN – The first character IN represents perfect virtue. In order to develop Perfect Virtue, one must have a compassionate and sympathetic mind. Having honorable thoughts promotes greater harmony within our lives.

UI – The second character UI stands for Justice. Humanity must cultivate the feelings of indignation that arise when confronted with injustice or evil. In the same sense, we experience the shame and guilt when we participate in or witness unjust and evil acts. Honorable actions facilitate harmony within human relationships.

YEH – The third character YEH means etiquette. Etiquette comes from concession and integrity. YEH arises by selflessly placing another’s needs before your own. Proper behavior benefits all those involved in a relationship. YEH encompasses manners as well as etiquette.

JI – The final character, JI, means wisdom. Sagacious actions are evidence that we have the wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong. This may seem simple, however, JI represents the wisdom to understand right and wrong in the context of the whole universe, not just in human relationships. As humans, our perceptions are flawed. Through the development of JI, we can come to see the true nature of the universe. All facets of life can be actualized with the proper understanding or wisdom.

Choe’s Chung Mu HapKiDo Moo Rym Won students endeavor to follow the Universal Theory which is represented by In Ui Yeh Ji. To learn more about our school’s philosophy, please visit

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