Kids Birthday Parties


Your child’s next birthday party…

How would you like your child’s Birthday to be the BEST EVER this year?

What if I told you that this fantastic kids Birthday Party would also be the easiest Birthday Party that you have ever had? Well that is exactly what a Karate Birthday Party at Choe’s HapKiDo will be for you and your child this year. This year’s Birthday Party at Choe’s HapKiDo is going to be the Coolest, most Awesome Birthday that your child has ever had! It is so much fun that most kids who have one birthday party here return year after year! This year, your child will be talking about their Martial Arts Birthday Party for months!

As a parent, we know that it can take a lot to set up an unforgettable Birthday Party for your child, and we want to make it easy for you!!! So easy in fact that all you have to do is simply show up! The Instructors and Staff will take care of all of the arrangements, from the decorations, to the cake, to the awesome activities that we have planned for your child!

1) Each party is packed with fun games and activities that every child will love regardless of their age. Even parents have a great time participating in the activities!

Kids Birthday Party

2) Your child and his/her friends also get to learn amazing Martial Arts techniques in their very own Mini Martial Arts class!!

Martial Arts Birthday Party

3) The Birthday Star even gets to show off their “Ninja Skills” by breaking a board in front of all of their friends… This will make your child feel like they are the coolest kid walking the planet, maybe even the coolest kid in the whole universe!!!

Kids Party Ideas

4) After an action packed Martial Arts class and tons of Super Cool Games, the kids get fired up again for their very own Pizza Party! And we do it all, we supply Pizza and refreshments for all of the kids (there will even be extra for the parents and friends!)

5) Last but (definitely) not least, your child will cut their birthday cake with a real life Samurai Sword…. You heard right….the Instructor will help your child cut their cake with a real Samurai Sword…. No better way to make a kid feel like they’re on top of the world!!!

So…. All you have to do now is call to set up your kid’s Karate Birthday Party!!! I know you will love to see the excitement and wonder in your child’s eyes when they experience something like the “Coolest Birthday Party Ever”, so call now to reserve their Birthday Party!!! (Our Birthday Party Schedule fills up fast. The earlier you reserve your child’s Party, the more likely you will get the date and time that works best for you and your family’s busy schedule).

We look forward to hearing from you soon, please call anytime to set up your Child’s unforgettable Martial Arts Birthday Party!!!

Kids Birthday Party

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