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Dr Jimong

In addition to being a full time Grandmaster, and his teaching of Choe Family Chung Mu Hap Ki Do Moo Rym Won, Grandmaster JiMong Choe has a Traditional Korean Medicine Practice. Thousands have been helped and had their lives enriched and changed from Grandmaster Choe’s teachings, now even more may benefit from Grandmaster Choe’s wisdom, knowledge, skill and compassion. Following are some of the services Grandmaster Choe is offering as part of Grandmaster Choe’s Traditional Korean Medicine practice: Constitutional Acupuncture and Herbal Decoctions, Acupressure and Soo Ki including body alignment/adjustment, Qi Gong, Cupping, Moxabustion, and more.

5 Point

A lifetime involved in the martial and healing arts, combined with a legacy of ancient family knowledge, has given Grandmaster Choe skills and abilities like none other. The wisdom and knowledge of Grandmaster Choe has helped and guided people for decades; and with his consummate knowledge of these ancient arts Grandmaster Choe is able to provide more powerful opportunities for self-improvement than ever. The following list of services is just a glimpse into the clear and powerful sagacity of Grandmaster Choe; Su Mek (Water Veins), Pung Soo (Feng Shui), Myung Ri Hak (Five Element, Four Pillar Theory), Hae Mong (Dream interpretation) and much, much more.